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Cost effective Solutions for Development,
Verification and Conformance Testing of RF
and Performance Parameters of Mobile and M2M Devices
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  • Cost effective RF and Performance Testing
    Meeting the need for increased test capacity
    At lower prices in all phases of development
  • Re-use of available test devices
  • Reduced risk of Conformance or Certification failures
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  • Shorter Time-to-Market
  • Lower Development Cost
  • Quality Assurance
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LTE RF & Performance Test Capacity of

  • 85% for 20% of typical Costs
  • 100% for 43% of typical Costs
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Discover a NEW Dimension of R&D Testing
R&D+ offers you full Conformance Testing
While keeping all your R&D features

Cost effective solutions for Development, Verification, Pre-Conformance and Conformance Testing of RF and Performance Parameters of Mobile and M2M Devices

The Digital area brings a constant rush on new Wireless Technology Products and Services. Product launch need to be smooth, seamless and on-time. This requires thorough and efficient testing during the whole Development Lifecycle. Traditional testing methods can be time consuming, expensive and drastically increase your time to market. On the other hand improper testing can result on higher risk on increased time to market as well.

This where 4ffCom CTE (Comprehensive Testing Environment) comes in for Technologies like 2G, 3G, AGPS, BT, WLAN, LTE and LTE-A and Certification Boards like GCF, PVG, R&TTE, FCC, JRL and Network Operator Requirements

Our testing solutions sets the benchmark for RF and Performance Testing with integrated tools, standard compliancy and test accelerators in a unique and cost efficient way. 4ffCom brings deep knowledge and experience in testing from R&D to Conformance requirements. Our test solution has outstanding features for R&D, Verification and Certification (Type Approval & EMC) departments.


Highlights at a glance for CTE LTE RF and Performance

LTE RF and Performance Test Cases according to 3GPP, R&TTE, FCC/IC and Network Operator Requirements

  • 85% of LTE R&D+ RF & Performance Test Capacity for only 20% of typical Costs on CTE HW Environment 3000
  • 100% of LTE R&D+ TC Coverage for only 43% of typical Costs with Upgrade to CTE HWE 4000


Highlights at a glance for CTE REG

Regulatory Testing according to R&TTE, FCC/IC and Japanese Radio Law for Bluetooth, WLAN, 2G, 3G and LTE

  • Beside all other conducted measurement necessary for Regulatory Approval our Systems support also conducted Spuri Measurements up to 40 GHz
  • The 4ffCom’s CTE is the world’s first fully featured and automated regulatory test system for wireless devices to support also the measurements and test automation for the test cases stipulated by ETSI EN 300328 V1.8.1 and ETSI EN 301893 V1.7.1 under the R&TTE Directive on all our standard HW Environments from HWE 0181, 1000, 2000, 4000 and 6000
    • And finally our fully automated solutions increase your testing capacity by 600% and in the same time it reduces your costs over 10 years by 65%!


Highlights at a glance for CTE R&D+

We enable our customers already in early stage of their product development to test against Conformance Requirements and this for R&D prices.
This is what we call R&D+ Testing!

  • Up to 90% Reduction in Testing Time with Automation and Enhancement Features
  • Up to 100% Increase in Test Coverage compared to typical R&D Call Box Solutions
  • Up to 100% Increase in Conformance Coverage for typical R&D Solutions
  • Up to 100% Increase of Defect Detection
  • Up to 80% Reduction in Test System down-time due to Outstanding Design
  • Up to 100% Increase of Repeatability and Reproducibility
    • And finally up to 500% Increase in Productivity


Our test solutions provide testing at scale, speed and cost effectiveness
The CTE consists of the core Software, Testing Framework plus Testplans, which is surrounded by Services and Knowledge & Experience. The CTE provides automation capabilities for developers and extensive predefined test cases within structured test scenarios according to 3GPP measurement uncertainty perspectives and is hardware-independent, which allows integration of almost any hardware device
states Andreas Renz, CTO at 4ffCom.

Our company mission is to define and develop our innovative testing environment (CTE) in order to generate real customer value by offering benefits that satisfy the needs of our customers through a long term mutually valuable partnership
promises Dr. Klaus Matkey, CEO at 4ffCom.